About us


Haute Coffre is at the heart of all successful brands in Dubai and in the Middle East in general. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies, particularly food companies, soar to heights they had never anticipated.

Who we are

Haute Coffre deals in all kinds of packaging containers inclusive of Plastic packets, Aluminum foils, boxes,
baked products packages among others. Here is an in depth look to some of our generic products.

Our firm is built on integrity, pride of accomplishment and commitment to providing quality products at a reasonable cost.

Our Vision

Our world-class designers and innovators have pioneered some of the most creative pack designs in the industry. Regardless of the product type, we always fashion a perfect wrap up for your product, and even imprint a company emblem of your choice on it.

Our Portfolio bears some of the most reputable brands in the Middle East, some of which have continued contracting us for all their branding and packaging tasks. Our work strategy involves understanding the Client’s vision for their company and implementing only that which the client has in in mind.

Our People

Haute Coffre is not about projects, it’s about People.

We have an excellent team who share a passion for everything they do: from creative designers to expert project managers, production managers to quantity surveyors, supply chain leaders to health and safety specialists. Our talented people make the difference and systematically exceed expectations.

we are able to achieve a sound level of exceptionality in our packaging styles and also come up with appealing designs that will help you sell more. Moreover, from our long experience in the packaging industry, we have collected a wide range of wrapper designs, which our undecided clients can choose from.

At Haute Coffre we put our People first.

Our Presence